06 February 2010

Blood Angel update


Finally got the first combat squad complete, giving me 3 painting points for February and a total of 5 for the year so far. Very satisfying and has increased my enthusiasm – I'm struggling with self control not to go mad and start lots of new miniatures for the Blood Angels all at once!

The next stage is to complete the Dread and the Terminator Sergeant. I then have four more Terminators and 5 more AoBR marines to do. After that I'm not sure. I have concluded that I won't be gaming for a little while yet – at least not until the new BA codex comes out. I'm just enjoying the painting at the moment.

I came up with a list of models that I would really like to paint, for the pure enjoyment of painting something I have never painted before (or taken the time to paint properly before) and not whether it would be a good addition to an army list:

• Jump pack troops (I will probably try a 5-man unit next)
• Drop Pod
• Vindicator (plastic)
• Land Raider Crusader (plastic instead of metal!)
• Command Squad (with a medic and standard bearer!)
• Devastator Squad
• Attack Bikes
• Librarian (never had one!)
• Terminator Captain

I wondered whether anyone else paints models just for the fun of it, the challenge or the enjoyment, and not because it's a killer unit in a killer army list.

Let me know what you enjoy painting, or any suggestions to add to my list?


  1. I think every unit I have in any army is purely based on looks and what it would be like to paint. I can't bring myself to include stuff just because it's effective - the first example of this I can think of are Chaos Marine Obliterators, which are absolutely godawful models (in my opinion), and I've yet to see a conversion that really looks the part.

    I think this is an easier stance to take when you lean more towards the painting side than the gaming side (I don't play often).

    Your Blood Angels are looking great, especially the duller red - much better than the bright red we see GW paint them, and much more like the colour of blood...

  2. Cheers Andy. I must say that I have adopted your technique for painting yellow, and it's been a godsend. Fits in perfectly with my 'duller' scheme, and very easy to do.