07 February 2010

Blood Angels: Terminator Sergeant


As predicted, 2 more points score quite quickly in the Painting  Challenge for the completed Terminator Sergeant. This has been my favourite model to paint so far. Having said that, I am not happy with the power sword and a couple of other bits, but it's all a leraning curve and the whole idea of this army is to get into the painting more and be a 'practice run' for the Dark Templar army.


I have worked out a good process for the stone crux on the shoulder, which I have used on any skulls/bolter details. It is slightly different from the colours used for purity seals or tabards and I may add a related painting demonstration blog at some point.

Looking at these pics, the base is not doing it for me – the scheme used for the tactical marines is obviously not enough for the larger bases. I may add another highlight, or some scenic snow (which I was intending to use on this army anyway).

Next on the list is the Dred, which I have been avoiding (dreading?...sorry) but it will give a hint of how my scheme works on a vehicle. I also undercoated the 4 remaining Terminators today so they should be underway soon too.


  1. Looking good mate!

    One observation, he looks quite shiny - is that by design? In my (often flawed, usually crazy) opinion your painting would benefit from a more matt finish.

  2. He is quite shiny at this stage due to the ink washes, although the spotlight probably doesn't help.

    None of my finished figures have been sprayed with Purity Seal yet, which I think has a matt/satin finish, so this should dumb down the glossy look.