10 April 2012

Rebuilding a City – To the Grave

No painting gone done over this long Easter weekend, which was disappointing. However, I did manage to sneak into Games Workshop in Cantabury on Saturday and pick up the Garden of Morr box set. I took what time I could afford and started on my graveyard board.

Alas, I made a fundamental error and didn't realise that the graveyard kit came with… no gravestones!
The effect of this being that things stalled after a couple of hours work.

I managed to arrange the wall sections in a way that served my purpose. Having said that, I did have to destroy the fencing on the right hand side to allow models with 50mm bases to enter this area of the board without scaling the walls. As mentioned in a previous post, I used one of my plastic trees to add a spooky dimention to the scene and placed it on the top of a shallow hill.

Next step is to acquire some suitably sized grave stones. I need to add polyfilla around the place to soften the hill and fill in gaps generally, then I can texture and paint.


I'm working away from the office this week, taking part in an installation in South London. This means, first and foremost, I won't have any hobby time till the weekend due to early mornings and late nights. This obviously means that I won't be posting much if at all this week, but will try to catch up on everyone else's posts in the evenings.


  1. Looking good so far my friend....

  2. Very cool! looking forward to seeing more of this.

  3. Looking good so far, the spooky tree really works for me, good work.

  4. That's going to be a pearl love the use as foam so the path is lower!

    I've also been tempted to buy the garden of Morr. Now you tempt me again!

  5. Look up the Renedra gravestones, they're awesome! (even though some of them are only detailed on one side).
    In other news, Canterbury? Are you local?

  6. looking great cant wait to see it finish I love Graveyards

  7. Thanks for the comments guys!

    I have to admit this is turning out better than expected. There was just the right amount of wall/fence for my triangular board. I bought the Citadel wood way back for the intention of using the trees for this project, but again, it worked out very well. Even cutting the paving stones out of leftover easter egg boxes worked out well.

    I saw the Renedra gravestone sprue at Salute last year so I know of them. I may go with them or some resin ones, but they need to provide decent cover. I'm currently in Folkestone so the nearest GW is Cantab.

  8. I painted up two Garden of Morr kits and some Renedra gravestones last week (with a set of the plastic GW trees drying in the mancave as I type).

    The Renedra gravestones are great and work well with the Garden.

    I prepped everythign as free standing pieces to increase versatility, but you might be interested in taking a look anyway.


    I will be watching to see what you do with it :)

  9. Great start and can also recommend the Renedra gravestones. They paint up really well:


    my efforts with them.

  10. haha wth, a graveyard and no gravestones? seems a bit illogic. love the looks of it though, eager to see your painted version :)

  11. I'm late getting here as I'm still catching up after going home for a week. Yes there will be setbacks and you'll get busy with work, but you've got to finish this project because it's going to be really worth it when you do.

  12. I too went with the Renedra gravestones, but did them as separate free standing ones. I was very happy with the way my Garden of Morr came out but have yet to devise a layout I am happy with