20 April 2012

Big day tomorrow…

So with only a day to go before myself and Bull set off for Salute I'm feeling rather upbeat – if I can just get through Friday's work day unscathed…ha!

We're meeting up at the Bluewater shopping centre for some breakfast before heading off to Excel. It's become a bit of a ritual now and makes a surprisingly good meeting place, albeit half an hour away from the venue, plus breakfast is a must before a big event like this. We should get to Salute around 11am, depends how well the tea and bacon sarnies are going down!

If you can spot this funny guy…

Six glasses of wine for breakfast makes you look like this!

…wearing this t-shirt…

The real one will actually be ironed on the day!

…with a camera around his neck most likely, you've found me!

If you don't want to shout "Dark Templar!" across the hall to get my attention try "Mike!" – although you may find a dozen blokes turn around at the same time!

The shopping list is looking a tad more sensible.

Must buys:
Replacement metal Cryx warcaster;
Cryx Warwitch Siren character;
Cryx paint set;
Updated cards for my Mercenary crew;
Legion of Everblight  army book;
Gravestones for my Malifaux graveyard.

Might be persuaded: 
Anything else Cryx – lovely models;
Mercenary army book;
Warmachine tokens;
Legion of Everblight starter set;
Legion of Everblight warlock Lylyth – epic version;
Generic terrain for WM and Malifaux;
15mm Germans, tanks and terrain;
Any rulebooks that catch my eye – Hell Dorado?;
Any individual models that catch my eye – Studio McVey?;
Storage cases for all my shiny new models;
In fact, anything really.

Other things to do:
Catch up with the Critical Mass Games crew;
Have a demo game of WM and Hordes at the PP stand;
Have a demo game of anything else that looks interesting;
Not buy any more Malifaux – my shelves are creaking;
Not buy any 40k or Forgeworld – it'll end up on Ebay in a week;
Not buy any more dice… unless they're really, really good;
See if I can spot any bloggers…

Hope to see a few of you there tomorrow. For those of you not going I hope to take a few pics – if I don't get too distracted!


  1. So very jealous. One year I'll get there.

  2. We may well bump into each other!! Have a good 'un!

  3. The list is doable, hope to see you Mike!

    1. I've just noticed that Battlefoam and Antenocitis Workshop are going to be there tomorrow – I'm doomed!

      Will be keeping an eye out for you folks.

  4. Yep I'll be their tomorrow with my Beautiful assistant Dr Brainiac who will be bringing her expensive camera and considerable photographic skill. Not sure what I'll be wearing but it'll probably involve jeans and a T-shirt... hmm... that won't narrow it down will it?

  5. Hope to meet up with you tomorrow - just be sure to go to the seating area next to the bring & buy between 1-2pm

    Your list looks reasonable to me


  6. Very Jealous... enjoy the show mate.

  7. Ahh man, that sounds like a ton of fun