24 April 2012

Legion of Everblight starter set

After the fun and games last week putting together the Plastic Cryx starter set, I bottled it and decided not to wait (7 days) for the release of the plastic Legion starter box – the metal version made it into my Salute haul.

This was like going back to building 40k and Fantasy models in the past – lots of metal, lots of pinning and lots of greenstuff. There was a certain familiarity and comfort in that… for 10 minutes at least.

Image by Brushthralls

The warlock Lylyth is a lovely model, despite being my least favourite sculpt for this character. It came in 3 pieces and one of them (a rather bulky arrow) I decided not to add. I quickly pinned her bow to her arm – first model built already, a flying start.

Image by Brushthralls

Next I looked at the Shredders, 4 of them, who were smaller than I imagined for some reason. It was then I discovered that I was missing a single leg – what a pain in the backside! I decided to put them to one side, as there was a pile of metal staring at me from the box that would eventually become the monstrous Carnivean.

Image by Brushthralls

This model is a beast and I'm not talking about his role in the animal kingdom. 15 pieces of metal, nearly all of which would need pinning and no doubt filling. I had a serious concern about him being very top heavy, especially as his stance had him leaning forward. I looked at the resin base options I had but went with the basic plastic one provided in the end, sticking a penny piece underneath for what use it would be.

My Carnivean – with Deneghra for scale comparison

Several hours later I had a Heavy Beast staring at me. The only drama was having my drill bit snap as I was drilling the hole to pin his head in place – the very last piece to be added, typical. I spent the next hour filling gaps and filing. He was looking great and remarkably well-balanced. Now it was time to go back to the Shredders (referred to on some sites as "Littlenoms" – genius).

Consisting of only a body and two legs, these models should have been a doddle to build. I couldn't face pinning these so went for it. Eventually, having stuck every piece to my fingers at some point, I had 3 completed Shredders. In order to aid security and longevity I tried to ensure that every model had three points of contact with the base.

Stay away from minefields now kids

With the fourth, one-legged Shredder I wasn't going to be able to do this. I twisted the one leg he did have so that it looked like he was reeling in pain. Once glued in place I set to with the greenstuff, spending as little time as I could get away with to create an amputated limb for the poor unfortunate soul.

I have since found an awesome blog entry showing how to construct and paint the box set in 10 days – go have a look at Brushthralls.

The three 'luckier' Shredders

At this point everything was based and left to dry. By the end of the weekend I had even managed to undercoat Lylyth and the 3 fully functioning Shredders.

My warlock Lylyth

Monday evening I sat down with the paints. I was keen to get Lylyth painted up and splash a little colour on the Shredders. Things didn't go quite to plan, but that's for another time.

I have four days to go till my first Hordes game, and with Wednesday and Thursday evenings out, will the Warpack be painted in time?


  1. This is what you get for going to Salute. I'd feel sorry for you but as I couldn't go, I don't.

  2. Privateer's customer service is usually really good and they quickly replace missing bits. Obviously no good to you now, but hopefully useful for the future.

    I don't feel sorry for you either, as I'm in exactly the same boat... ;-)

    1. To be fair, I sent an email to PP about the missing part as soon as I discovered it and got a reply first thing morning which was pretty good.