13 April 2012

15mm WW2 – Where to begin?

Back from my three-day installation in London and, being a desk jockey under normal circumstances, I feel like I've been squashed into a beer barrel and rolled down a hill – I ache from head to toe!

It seems I have a strain of the disease Angry Lurker has been blogging about this week. I'm up to my neck in Malifaux, just started a terrain project for my gaming board and have a backlog of models a scrap metal merchant would die for and I start thinking about other gaming systems.

Now in fairness I am thinking about games that I have owned models for and played in the past. It's also partly due to Salute being in just over a week's time. I like the idea of having a starter army (or so… we all know how these things escalate) for several gaming systems so, if the opportunity for a game came up, I'd have some models to game with.

The two gaming systems currently on my radar are Warmachine/Hordes (yes, I count that as one!) and Flames of War.

I currently have a Mercenary starter crew for WM in the attic almost fully painted but that would be too easy. I love the Cryx faction and want to start down that route. The plastic starter kit is on the shopping list for Salute so that is resolved.

The one I'm struggling with is Flames of War. I used to have a German Rifle company box set and a single Tiger tank several years ago that went on Ebay. I want to go back there but maybe go Panzagrenadier so less troops and more tanks. I don't want to invest too much in this as the times it will be used will be rare. The Panzer Division at the top is too much I think, maybe half that to start with.

Questions, questions…

Do I buy FoW or Forged in Battle?… or are there other suppliers?
Is there a box set that would solve my problems?… or do I buy blisters?
Which halftrack transports and tanks do I buy for my troops if I'm looking at a mid-war army?
Are there any good terrain suppliers?…Are they likely to be at Salute?
Are there any online resources for colour schemes?

Any 15mm WW2 gamers out there fancy throwing their two pence-worth in?

I have bought the 3rd Ed FoW rulebook and will be collecting it from the Post Office by the time this post hits the blogsphere so hopefully I will be able to glean some info from that.

All I know is, I'd better stock up on paint next weekend as well as models!


  1. 'Shinybloodyitis' strikes again! Good luck with this, but I have a feeling Salute could be expensive for you this year! ;)

  2. I feel your pain mate, join the support group and Salute is going to be a nightmare for us!

  3. For a good idea of what a real (not FoW) PG unit was like, I'd highly recommend reading "The Forgotten Soldier" by Guy Sajer. Very few PG battalions (let alone regiments or divisions) were fully equipped with half tracks, most of the troops rode in trucks.

    As for figures, there are other manufacturers who do 15mm WW2 - Peter Pig springs to mind. And there should be plenty of suitable terrain manufacturers at Salute.

  4. Don't forget The Plastic Soldier Company. Great models at great prices

  5. Salute is going to be "temptation central" for me too, there is way too much I want to buy. I'll look like a pack mule at the end of it if I'm not careful...

  6. Just give in to the disease, whip out your check book and buy, because you know you're going to do it. It's like taking off a band-aid. Rip it off quick and it will hurt less.