02 April 2012

Gaki on Monday

Can you believe it, it's Monday already and I feel like I just finished work on a Thursday evening. Thankfully it's only a four-day week with the Easter holidays so I should be able to hang on a bit longer.

We were away in 'Royal' Tunbridge Wells over the weekend so no gaming, painting or hobby activity of any kind to report, so I thought I would show you some progress made a couple of weeks ago.

As the Malifaux master of spirits, Kirai can summon Gaki every time someone/something is killed. I curent have four Gaki in my model collection, but only two are built. I never find I have the opportunity to have more than two on the board at any one time so just end up recycling the same two models.

As you can see I went for the classic Gaki colours. The black, as usual, has a little blue in there to give it more life. The skin colour is actually Vallejo British Uniform, which I had left over from my Flames of War days, and seemed to fit the bill perfectly. It was highlighted by adding GW Bleached Bone, and washed liberally in GW Devlan Mud.

As you can see straight away, this was more of a utility paint job – I was fed up with them being plain metal – so the highlighting and shading aren't great. In fact, this is how I used to paint my 40k models before I learned to paint properly. The bases are yet to be painted but this is sufficient for gaming… for now.

In game, Gaki are the spirit equivalent of rats. They work best when in groups of three or more and just eat their way through anything and everything.


  1. Love the tones in the robes; I find black so difficult to achieve so will be adding a desk of blue to the mis from now on!

  2. When I saw this picture I had one thought WOW!! What you've achieved with the robes here is nothing short of amazing. You certainly set the bar high for everyone who paints.

  3. They look damn good, creepy and disturbing.

    I know how you feel, sometimes you just want to get stuff done before you move on to the next project.

    Charadon Granite and Devlan Mud are your friends here. :)