17 April 2012

Craving Cryx…

I mentioned in a recent post that Warmachine (and Hordes) had popped up on my radar. I have been reading the MkII books and the frothing has started. I mentioned Cryx as the faction of interest and indeed couldn't wait until Salute at the weekend to buy their book and starter set – placing an order at the weekend – it should be arriving about…now.

In the meantime I've been reading up on rules, tactics, etc. via the Battle College wiki and trawling through images of models at the Firestorm online store. I have to say there are a handful of miniatures that I am REALLY looking forward to painting, whether they're good in-game or not.

Warwitch Siren

First on my list, and a target for the weekend, is the Warwitch Siren. This model epitomises the more dynamic sculpts that Privateer Press produce (not to say they don't have their fair share of dogs too). The bonus is that, from what I read, this model will work well with my starter box set.

Cryx "Deathjack"

Cryx "Nightmare" Heavy Warjack
– reminiscent of "The Dreamer" from Malifaux

Cryx "Cankerworm"

Cryx has some amazing Warjacks and there are a handful of these that have really peaked my interest. Some of them are huge, and it will be a great change to work on something at a larger scale.

Skarre – Cryx Warcaster

Lich Lord Terminus – Cryx Warcaster

Even the alternative Warcasters have some great sculpts and interesting shapes.

Now this is all great and I know the implications of this – I've been here before. Within a matter of weeks I will have had several deliveries from my favourite online gaming supplier and a host of metal bodies and stat cards will be living in the spare room, much to the annoyance of my wife and the delight of my credit card company. I'd like to say I've learned my lesson, but my year-long journey into Malifaux has proved me wrong, as a box full of unopened blisters bear witness to.

Lylyth – Everblight Warlock
The thing that complicates matters further is that it's not just Warmachine. it's sister game Hordes has caught my imagination too and the Legion of Everblight – so similar yet so opposed to Cryx – has a host of fab models in their range. The fact that the two games cross over (you can field Hordes crews in WM and vice versa) makes it even more of a honey trap.

I love the feel of the faction, the colours and backstory. Some of the Warbeasts are not my favourite but with a bit of greenstuff I think I can give them a more (40k) Tyranid/alien feel and make them unique in the process. I am definitely feeling like a small child drooling over the Christmas toy catalogue right now!

The conclusion is that I'm walking through a metaphorical minefield this week. My enthusiasm and desire for these models is at 1000% now but, as I have blogged about in the past, I know this is fleeting and in six months (if I'm lucky) it'll be time for the next new shiny thing. I need to move from model range to model range to keep my painting interest and enjoyment going, but when I get passionate about a game I tend to jump in with both feet and common sense seems to fly out of the window.

All I know right now is that it's going to be an expensive visit to Salute this year!


  1. I think all of you are going to be broke after Salute this year. I clicked on the link and I think my favorite was Nicia. Out of these it would have to be the Warwich Siren. Looking forward to seeing them after you're done painting them up.

  2. Six months is not bad, I'm lucky if I get six weeks before the disease kicks in!

  3. Problem is I was spoiled with sixteen years of unflinching devotion to the church of GW, to the detriment of everything else.

    Now that I've seen the light and had my "road to damascus" moment I'm so blown away with what else is out there I can't seem to sit still for five minutes.

  4. Nice that you've got the images against a black background - very professional and far less distracting to the figure. Nice work.

    1. Question: how do you get the painted surfaces to look so smooth? I only ask as figures I've painted in the past have had a rather rough look to the surface, almost as if the paint itself was 'grainy'? If that makes sense? Whereas yours look lovely and smooth and very difficult to tell that they've been hand painted at all.

    2. I cannot take credit for any of these models/photos – they are from the Privateer Press website, so the official Warmachine miniatures.

      The closest I've got to the smooth surfaces you see here is by using very, very, very thin paint and taking quite a long time adding layer after layer.

  5. *Gulp* Shiny! Good luck this weekend; it could get very expensive!

  6. Accept your fate – life is all about shiny new things and putting paint on them. Oh, and drinking scotch, eating junk food and rolling dice.

    You’ve just become a “Gaming Ronin”, and without a master, you can now truly enjoy life. Not to mention still have cash left in your pocket at the end of the day to take the wife out for dinner, after a hard days spending money on figures.

    P.S. Cryx are a lot of fun to play, some of the tier lists are awesome.