30 March 2012

The Genius That Is Gael Goumon…

Lady Justice – Malifaux

Just a quickie Friday afternoon post, as you've already had a bonus post this week!

As I've mentioned in the past, it was the miniatures that drew me into Malifaux to begin with. Lady J and Perdita were the two that caught my eye initially, and my loyalty to The Guild was secured (for a while at least).

Perdita Ortega – Malifaux
What I hadn't realised is that most of my favourite Malifaux miniatures were done by the same sculptor. Gael Goumon is a very talented individual who, as I'm quickly learning, is responsible for some of the most recognisable gaming miniatures in the industry, not just the ones he did for Wyrd Miniatures.

Colette Du Bois – Malifaux
I strongly recommend a visit to his website – Mandragore Miniatures – when you get the opportunity and have a look through the news section and his gallery. This guy knows how to sculpt boobs!

Rasputina – Malifaux
Next week on the blog should involve more painting of Francisco Ortega – another one of Gael's miniatures – and maybe even a game of Malifaux.


  1. Crikey, every single one of those miniatures is superb, not a ropey one in sight...

  2. I looked at these girls yesterday and one day they will be mine!