26 March 2012

A Newbie Guide: Painting Miniatures part 3b

Read part 3a here

So, if you remember, last time I had a decision to make about whether to leave the coat as it was or work into it more.

It's me! Of course I worked into it more!

I took some more of the Devlan Mud wash and painted into the shadows. Once thoroughly dry I added some fresh Bleached Bone highlights followed by tiny white highlights.

I also took the opportunity to paint up the patches on the back of his coat, using various browns and highlighting with the Bleached Bone.

Next I looked at the skin. I wanted Francisco here to at least look related to his sister Perdita, so chose a similar colour scheme. I base coated the areas in Bestial brown, which is a much warmer brown to the Burnt Umber used earlier. At this point I would normally paint in the eyes, but Francisco has such small, dark eyes I've decided not to bother. I mixed in some Vermin Brown and then started to highlight with Bleached Bone. I will go back with a wash of some kind before a final white highlight.

Francisco's jeans were next on the painting list. I painted out the brown overspill from the coat with Black before basecoating the area with a Black/Fenris Grey mix. I highlighted this up with increasing amounts of White before giving the area a Blue wash.

Lesson to be learned here – I was too quick to give the model a blue wash, not letting the highlights dry thoroughly. The result was a complete obliteration of the crisp lines and a muddy blue colour covering the entirety of his jeans. Must remember to give paint time to dry thoroughly.

I went back later with some final White highlights.

You can probably see the process I use now, applied in various areas and with a variety of colours. I will continue to paint Francisco here and give a final update once complete.

I hope you have picked up some ideas for your own painting, and of course if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.


  1. Great guide again, things are looking good....

  2. You really have excellent painting skills and a great eye for colour.

    But damn! Those figures are expensive! I almost fell out of my chair when checking out the figure price list. Gorgeous quality, though - knocks the crap out of GWs metal figures.

    1. PS: sorry to hit you with a second post straight after - but have you played 'Warhammer 40k' the pc game? If so, I was just wondering what your thoughts were on the customisation of the multi-player skins?

  3. Oh God, this is great! I think the jeans look fantastic with the highlighting and the white selectively used in some places. I really, really like these figures too. After I get a few more of what I have done, these are next on my list. Then I can follow your guide with the figure and get really depressed because I'm not as good as you!!

  4. @AL
    Thank you. I have to admit I'm really enjoying painting this guy – can't understand why I didn't do it before. Maybe I needed a break from all those brown coats.

    @Mark K
    I don't really see them as that expensive because, compared to what I used to spend playing 40k, they are a lot lighter on the wallet. Plus I spend more time painting them, so get more out of it on a model by model basis.

    Sorry, I don't play Warhammer 40k or indeed have a PC, so I can't help you there.

    As I mentioned above, I'm really enjoying my time painting at the moment – thank you for the inspiration. certainly find these particular miniatures great to paint because they look so amazing. I am toying with the idea of doing a painting video sometime so people can actually SEE me paint, mix my paint, etc.

  5. Hey thanks for the follow! Your blog is amazing I am going to need more coffee top catch up on all this great stuff! Fantastic tutorials I love anything which shows fabric as a texture rather than just some magically hued material and you have really pulled off the lived in denim look.

  6. Great Blog I will def be reading your blog so I can try and paint figures fab read

  7. Ditto what Anne says about the Jeans, they look great. Nice skin tone too - be brave, do the eyes... ;)

  8. great tutorials there. Thanks mate. I'll read them thoroughly.

  9. They're 32mm? Wow! With that much detail (sculpt and painting) I'd assumed they were 54mm or larger

    Fantastic painting mate

  10. Thanks guys, the support is appreciated.

    Andy – deep down I know I'm going to have to go back and do the eyes, I'm just in denial at the moment!

  11. It would be great if you did an instructional video. You're so busy now I don't know how you'd find time for it. But there is money to be made in those videos.