05 March 2012

Painting Update: Seishin

Last week I managed to squeeze a bit of painting into the evenings. Given that I have five of them to paint and had already put base colour on three, I decided to paint up my Seishin.

I made the decision to paint all five Seishin a different colour, for no other reason than so I could identify them individually. Playing Kirai's crew can be a real test on your concentration levels, so I need all the help I can get. Given that there are only two sculpts – I decided not to convert any myself – this seemed the most logical (and instantly identifiable) route to take.

As you can see they are not quite finished yet. I have to add some detail to the faces, wash the Bamboo base with a little brown and tidy off the black base edge. I also intend to add a final white highlight to the foot of each Seishin, then blend it into the Bamboo so that it looks less stark and as if they're rising through the floor. How successful this is we will see.

In addition to these guys we have Datsue-Ba and one of the Shikome at various stages of paint, plus Kirai and Ikiryo to have detail finished. With a bit of luck there should be some more painting time this week …and blog posts to follow.


  1. Those look really cool. Very effective paint scheme my good man. :)

    I look forward to seeing them finished. Although they look pretty darn good as they are.

  2. Ditto what Frontline Gamer said!

    Great colour choice, bold and distinctive without being too bright or gaudy - what paints did you use?

  3. Thanks guys.

    For these particular 3 I used GW's Fenris Grey, Knarloc Green and Blazing Orange for the basecoat colours. I highlighted these with Vallejo White – watered down to a ridiculous extent at times – washed the heads and picked out shadows with GW's Asurmen Blue Thraka Green and Baal Red washes.

    The bases were done with Vallejo Orchre and Dark Umber with a little Vallejo White and Black.

    I had to purposely buy a GW Leviathan Purple wash and W&N Yellow Ink for the last two – stay tuned.

  4. I agree - beautiful colouring and nice blending - they look great mounted on your bases too. I'm so jealous - nice work :)

  5. I love the way they are partially formed and coming out of a great mist effect, damn nice work!

  6. Very nicely done - subtle, and distinctive.