05 July 2011

WIP: Painting

As briefly mentioned yesterday, I managed to get some paint on Perdita, my second Malifaux master. Given that I was painting in quite poor light I think it's a pretty good start. I have the rest of the crew waiting in the queue but don't expect to see them anytime soon.

I also managed to get a second Death Marshal finished – again, not bad considering the poor lighting conditions at the end. I really, really want to get the third one finished but I have far more interesting models to paint so we will see how it goes.


  1. Poor light has been my bane more than once, but she look pretty good. The Death Marshall's coffin planks are very nicely done.

  2. Great work on Perdita's skin DT, that looks REALLY good.

  3. Thx guys

    Haven't had chance to get a second look yet – over a week later – but should get some painting time this week.