21 July 2011

Inspiring Podcasts: Gamers Lounge

I thought it was about time to share some more sources of my gaming inspiration after the last couple of posts about inspiring terrain links and inspiring terrain techniques.

Podcasts are a relatively new phenomenon in the gaming arena (for me at least). I don't have much time to listen so have to choose my sources carefully. After skimming through several I discovered The Gamers Lounge and my gaming life was changed.

The Gamers Lounge podcast is hosted by Bill (from Dead Tau Project) and Jay (from Blood & Blades). Both guys are very knowledgeable about the hobby in general and have very contrasting opinions and characters which makes the cast very entertaining as well as informative.

The thing that drew me in was the fact that they were, at the time, the only podcast with significant Malifaux content. Some very useful discussions with key Wyrd staff and community individuals makes for addictive listening and has contributed heavily to my own gaming experiences.

I've joined the list of listeners quite late on, episode 30 was probably my first experience, and I have had great fun going through the back catalogue of episodes. The earlier casts were very much 40k and Fantasy orientated and the focus has ebbed and flowed through Warmachine/Hordes and FoW to become very Malifaux-centric recently as Bill's passion has been very much centred around Wyd's flagship game. Members of their local gaming group make guest appearances periodically to share experiences and insights. The banter and camaraderie generated makes you feel a part of the crew and feel as if you know these guys – a great feeling to have for a podcast listener.

The Gamers Lounge can be listened to directly from the website, downloaded from the site or found on iTunes – which I personally find the most appealing as I just load up my iPod and listen back to back at work. The website gives a full breakdown of each episode so you can cherry pick the bits you're interested in.

So, I just wanted to publicly thank the guys for their contributions and strongly recommend you take a listen.

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