15 July 2011

Well, I Didn't See That Coming!

Thought I'd just drop this quick post in to let you guys know that a rather unlikely thing has occurred.

I found out that there was a wargamer just round the corner from me – a friend of the family no less – and we got together for a gaming chat last weekend. He has just got into 40k and is learning to play with his Necron army (he likes a challenge I think) facing newbie Grey Knights so far (big, big challenge). As you know I am up to my eyeballs in Malifaux froth right now and painting like a madman (but still quite slowly) in order to feed the fever.

We chatted both games and I managed to convince him to look at Malifaux as a second game. The fluff and entry cost was really appealing to him, so that is exciting and we're going to have a demo game soon.

In return I decided to come out of my self-imposed 40k exile in order to offer him a different opponent to the Grey Knights he currently has to contend with, help him learn the rules and offer some of my tactical experience (albeit not much 5th Ed.).

So what does this mean in real terms and how does it affect the blog?

I will NOT be purchasing any new 40k models*. However, I will be dusting off my Iron Warriors and Bezerkers in the short term, maybe looking at my Nurgle in the near future should a space open up on the painting table.

(* the caveat here is that hey, this is me, odds are something will be purchased once I get a few games under my belt!)

You will see more 40k related posts start to creep into the blog, game reports and photos of any (re)painting I do. Baby steps at first as I still am not loving 40k, so this is initially as a favour for a friend and we'll go from there.

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