11 July 2011

Inspiring Terrain Techniques

So the last post highlighted some terrain projects that should inspire our own efforts.

Today's post goes a step further, highlighting an article on the Military Modelling website by Emmanuel Nouaillier that describes the processes involved in creating realistic scenery for WWII dioramas and displays.

Whilst the buildings may not be completely suitable for Malifaux or 40k the techniques are genius and can easily be adapted. It describes in some detail how scratch-built structures were created and then distressed.

The MM website can be found here and the two-part article can be found here.



  1. Great find and I am looking forward to seeing what you build.

  2. Definitely a good find - that broken window effect is fantastic.

    Having been a mapper for online shooters I've always wanted to have a go at terrain, not sure the wife will be happy though...

  3. Yes, I've had this in my back pocket for a while hoping to use some of the techniques for my terrain.

    Given we don't have much room in our house and projects have to be cleared off the dining room table every evening, something as grandiose as this won't happen soon. I hope to try some of the techniques though.

  4. Is he real or using nickname emmanuel nouaillier +Emiliana Chávez . Do you know anything about him? I couldnt find any information about him..