06 July 2011

Malifaux Terrain: I saw this and thought of you

After a bit of browsing the intermaweb this afternoon I came across a website that was showcasing another website that was showcasing this amazing Wild West gaming board. From what I can gather the thing is static, yet mobile. However, for anyone looking for inspiration for wild west Malifaux terrain this is great.

Stop what you're doing and go take a look now.
For a boatload more pics visit Dressing The Lines.

I'd also like to link Chicago Terrain Factory website, which is where I found the link.

Talking of inspiring terrain, I'd also like to draw your attention to an amazing website that has lots of Malifaux appropriate stuff on it.

TM Terrain will make bespoke one off pieces of terrain that look fantastic. To be inspired by more of their projects visit the gallery.


  1. Great terrain.
    We are slowly getting into Malifaux, and this is some very inspirational terrain.
    Nice find.

  2. I love the Victorian terrain, got me very excited to start terrain projects of my own.

    I have got another website gem up my sleeve for anyone serious about terrain, but I'll save that for another day ;)