19 September 2011

Malcontent resin bases preview

For those who may not know, my side project "Malcontent" is due to launch at the beginning of November. It is my answer to not being able to get hold of the gaming accessories I wanted when I started playing Malifaux  – hence the name: Mal(ifaux) content – though naturally they will be useable with other games and miniatures. It will include not only resin bases but possibly counters, scenery and other bits and pieces further down the line.

The general idea is that I make things for my own models and games then cast extras for anyone else who would like them. There will only be a limited number and once the mold is finished there will be no more.

The launch will contain three sets of resin bases – Bamboo, Boardwalk and Sewer. These resin bases are purposefully plain (for the most part) in their original state; I'm fed up of resin base manufacturers creating over-the-top products that struggle to accommodate a model – the base is meant to complement the miniature, not the other way round. With a more plain starting point you can use it as it comes (which I think works a treat after using several already) or you have the scope and the space to add your own additional touches, skulls, foliage, etc and make them unique to you. By adding your own flourishes it also means you can use the same base several times and have each one look different.

By way of a preview to the launch, I have placed test casts of all three sets on Ebay. They vary in quality and some will have the odd bubble or two and/or flash round the edges but you now have an opportunity to get some of the white/ivory test pieces before the official launch of the grey resin in November.

Now for some links:

The-Dark-Templar Ebay page
This is where you will find the auctions

Malcontent Gallery page
Photo examples of the resin bases in use

Newbie Guide to Resin Bases
My recent post for anyone new to using resin bases

Again, thanks to Bull for his support, his painted examples and for being my hand model in the tutorial.


  1. These look awesome dude, will have to look into getting some.

  2. Seems interesting!
    You have a nice blog. :D

  3. Those bambo bases look really nice. Are you planning on doing any bigger than the standard base sizes?

  4. Yes, there are larger sizes already in the works

  5. Awesome. Let me know when they're done and I'll order a set or two for some mini's I'll be getting this Christmas and review them for you as these look good.

  6. Hi,

    I am interested in your Bamboo bases, checked your ebay store and there is nothing there... Are they still available for sale???

  7. Bases are now back on ebay, including a 50mm version

  8. Huzzah, I'll go check them out Dark Templar thanks.

  9. Just ordered some of the bamboo bases. Had to buy them separately though so I had to pay for postage twice!!! Booo :P

    I ordered 4 50mmm bamboo bases and 4 sets of the 30mm bases. Look for a review shortly.


  10. Ebay has a new 'Add to Basket' option so you should be able to buy them together.

  11. @Dark Templsar I know... it didn't bloody work. Its not just for you that it doesn't though... stupid ebay!