29 September 2011

Birthday update

So today I turned 39 (years young) and rather than spend my birthday money on new models, which is always the temptation, I will actually be using it to pay for the backlog of models currently sitting patiently on my painting tray (I must be getting old and far too sensible).

Amongst this ever-growing collection there is Sonnia Criid and her entire crew, not to mention 3 additional Witchlings and Sonnia Avatar.

However, the most exciting prospects are my two new proxy models. I purchased a couple of Warmachine solos to stand in as the Exorcist and Witchling Handler (to the left – one character I don't like the artwork for), the latter will require some work – my first Malifaux conversion!!

I have been very busy these last couple of weeks with work, etc. so I'm looking forward to getting back to painting some models again.

Elsewhere in hobbyland I have been developing some terrain elements for the Malcontent project. What is it? No, it's not some overused adult-rated toy. It is in fact an in-progress Ice Pillar which will suit Rasputina no end. The base diameter is 50mm and the pillar itself is just shy of 5" in height, so it is the real deal. We also used it as an Ancient Monument in a game recently and it was perfect. I'm currently contemplating whether to make it hollow or not when I get round to casting it up in resin – it's a big old lump and could end up being (relatively) expensive to make.

With the imminent release of the Rogue Necromancy, Bull brought up the fact that I don't currently have a 50mm Sewer base for him to use when it joins his McMourning crew in October. This also brought up the fact that I don't have a 50mm Bamboo base for my Kirai Avatar either, so more jobs got added to the list.

Hopefully there will be some fresh pics of actual painted models soon!


  1. Happy Birthday!

    (Make sure you spoil yourself and buy a couple of models with your birthday money ;) )

  2. Happy Birthday, Dark Templar! That ice pillar is great, I imagine casting as a solid piece would use up a lot of resin as you pointed out. Maybe hollow is the way to go. Good luck getting the new bases worked out as well as all the other projects that you have lined up. Cheers!

  3. Thank you gents!

    I do have models already on order – this are starting to get out of hand – so there will be new faces appearing for sure.

    @Papa JJ
    Thanks for your thoughts re. the Ice Pillar. I was thinking the same thing but I intend to do some experimenting (when I can find some time) and go from there. Thanks for the support.

  4. Happy Birthday, are you using you're money to get somebody else to paint them?

  5. Thanks AL.
    Alas I'm far too much of a control freak to let someone else paint my minis, which means I have a constant backlog, haha!

    I've been so slow that I have let my rule about not playing with unpainted minis slip recently, but I will get back on track.