12 October 2012

40k Revised list and thoughts…

After the list building last time and some very useful feedback my starter list for my Plague Marines has evolved.

Chaos Lord Mark of Nurgle, Sigil of Corruption, Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol, Mutation

Terminators x5
Mark of Nurgle / Heavy Flamer / Combi-Flamer / 2x Power Fist / Twin Lightning Claws


Plague Marines x7
Flamer x2 / Power Axe

Plague Marine x7
Meltagun x2 / Power Fist

Cultists x14
Mark of Nurgle / Stubber

Cultist x14
Mark of Nurgle / Flamer

Chaos Bike x3
Mark of Nurgle / Meltagun x2 / Power Weapon

Obliterator x2
Mark of Nurgle

Obliterator x2
Mark of Nurgle

Either Heldrake or Forgefiend

The Lord is as per the previous post with the addition of  a Mutation roll on the Chaos Boon table for giggles and to (hopefully) give him a bit of a boost. I started building the model last night and took the Dremel to his cloak making it look much more appropriate for a lord of decay. I want to swap out his sword for a scythe and then give him as much disease and infection as I can get away with.

I've swapped the Power Sword in the first Plague Marine squad for a Power Axe – their I3 coming to my attention and meaning that most enemies will strike the champion first so I might as well make the most of any attacks I get. I would like to bump up the numbers here but I'm out of Forgeworld bits and I would have to take them up to 14-man squads.

I've bumped up the number of Cultists to 14 (again, sticking to the 'magic' nurgle number 7 in my list). I did contemplate upping them to 21 each but I only have a handful of Guardsmen to bulk out the Dark Vengeance models and, as mentioned previously, I don't want to spend any extra money if poss.

I do like the idea of having a host of Nurgle bikers – I always have – but the work involved in building them would mean I wouldn't get a game for quite some time so I'll stick with 3 for now. The use of meltaguns in this unit is up for debate, testing in games will help me decide if they are the right special weapon choice.

The rest is pretty much as before. I like the idea of squads of Plague Marines, Cultists and Obliterators banding together to support each other and go for objectives, while the rest of the army goes on the offensive.

This list is pretty much at the point where it needs to be playtested and if I know Bull it'll be against Orks. The last list he fielded against my old Blood Angels was full of Dreads and lots of bodies so we'll see. Need to build and paint some more first.

Have a good weekend all – we're off to Centre Parcs in Suffolk with my brother, his wife and my neice so no hobby-time till next week!

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