16 October 2012

40k Researching the Rot…

With not much time available for building and painting recently I've taken to the internet to do some research and find some inspiration for my growing ranks of rotting space marines.

The research started almost by accident when I downloaded Flight of the Eisenstein (above) on my iPad. Despite having the book in printed form for some years I never got around to reading past the first chapter so thought a shiny digital version might do the trick. I finished it this weekend and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it… finally.

The thing about building a Nurgle-based army is that it has an easy entry level, it's very forgiving. You can absolutely stuff up a conversion or paint job on your models and it can have the opposite effect – you could even drop your plastic models in the fire and the resulting blobby mess would still look very much in character (to a point of course). It also allows the more experienced modeller to go to town and the internet is awash with examples – you may have seen some of these before. I thought I'd highlight a few that caught my attention.

This fella is stunning. I found it on the Santa Cruz Warhammer site and included a step-by-step.

Another top-drawer model that I found on Toycutter. Although not really a gaming piece it oozes inspiration.

Toycutter finds another superbly painted shelf-sitter. This time, not so much rot just a bit of mutation and grubbiness.

This model leads a rather awesome and unique army of converted Death Guard marines.

This rather wicked looking fellow comes from Pega mini design. This has been done by a very talented sculptor and I love the way that he has totally overhauled a standard mini.

This Nurgle Lord is an original sculpt by Andres at Steeldragon and very impressive indeed!

I love the simplicity of this Nurgle Champion conversion based upon the WHFB plastic model.

The paint job on these Nurgle Havocs is great and the use of the older armour is a cracking idea.

And last, but by no means least, we have Svartmetall over at Relic News who, over a period of nearly 3 years, posted a host of Nurgle conversion ideas – with excellent use of greenstuff. After reading through this I feel the need to up my game!

As for my own Plague Marines they all have pennies in their bases now. I also started to convert the Lord model from the Dark Vengeance box set, hacking away his power sword (which felt like desecration) to be replaced by a scythe.


  1. Lovely stuff all round, and kind of making me regret doing my Nurgle marines the way I have (non gribbly), although the corruption comes out in many different ways I guess.

    I don't have the courage to convert the Dark Vengeance minis either - I'm a coward like that!

    1. You can add little bits of corruption to your DV chosen without trashing them.

      I've completely hacked up my DV Chaos Lord way beyond the point of any return – fingers crossed I can pull it around!

  2. Hey, mate! Glad you liked my Nurgle Lord (the conversion of the WFB model)! Thanks a lot for the shout out!



    1. You're most welcome. Great conversion – rather tempted to purchase the WFB model myself and have a go.