26 October 2012

The Nurgle army creeps on…

Not a lot of progress this week and to add injury to illness my beautiful 27" iMac died on Wednesday evening which has hampered blog updating. Luckily I shouldn't have to find another £2k to replace it – hopefully it should just be a hard drive replace. Needless to say it has been a traumatic week and I'm having to update the blog from work.

The Terminators above had some greenstuff added. In most cases it's to blend the 'clean' elements with the Nurgle resin bits or to just Nurgle everything up more. The Champion had some of the rotting skulls removed from his armour – I felt he was being overshadowed by the volume of dead heads decorating his gear and it was moving attention away from his actual head.

I also added a resin basing bit to each base. Now I can add my basing sand and get these guys sprayed and painted.

The final three Plague Marines from squad 1 got some attention. More greenstuff Nurglization done and these guys are almost ready to be sprayed and painted too. I'm hoping that if I can get one unit complete quite quickly it will encourage me to crack on with the second unit.

The Plague Lord did have some more work done to him after the last update. I added some greenstuff 'skin' around his innards to help close it all in a bit. I used a method illustrated in a tutorial I found and flagged up the other week. Whilst very thin greenstuff is a pain to manipulate and use, the end result is excellent. I also added extra rot to his armour and a bone/horn coming out of his knee.

I'm pretty happy with this part now, I just need to give his cloak and head some attention and then I can move on to his weapon. Looking forward to painting this guy up.


  1. This force is coming along very nicely.

  2. Good progress all the same my friend.

  3. I'm loving the lord! Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks guys.

    The marines and Terminators have since been sprayed and basecoated so things are staring to motor.

  5. Lovely work Mike, really wonderfully gruesome!