11 October 2012

40k Nurgle List Thoughts…

There hasn't been much progress on the modelling side of things as real life gets in the way.

I've been mulling over the new Chaos Codex and at the point where I started putting pen to paper and get some list building done. The trick would be can I make a Chaos list (for my new Nurgle army) that doesn't involve buying any new models. I do have a lot of bits after years on the wrong side of the warp so if I could utilise what I have without spending that would be superb.

I decided to stick with the 1500 points limit of old. This would give me a better chance of avoiding new purchases whilst having an army of sufficient size for a decent game.

My first list looks like this –

Chaos Lord (new purchase)
Terminator Armour / Mark of Nurgle / Twin Lightning Claws

Terminators x5
Mark of Nurgle / Heavy Flamer / Combi-Flamer / 2x Power Fist / Twin Lightning Claws

Plague Marines x7
Flamer x2 / Power Weapon

Plague Marine x7
Meltagun x2 / Power Fist

Cultists x10
Mark of Nurgle / Stubber

Cultist x10
Mark of Nurgle / Flamer

Chaos Bike x3
Mark of Nurgle / Meltagun x2 / Power Weapon

Obliterator x2
Mark of Nurgle

Obliterator x2
Mark of Nurgle


Either Heldrake or Forgefiend (new purchase)

Now, having not played Chaos in 5th or 6th Edition I'm sure you folks can pick holes in this list. I understand things are more objectives based and having limited Troop choices could be an issue. However, I like the flavour of it and it will probably form the basis of my list and I will tweak accordingly as my mood changes.

You will also notice the possibility of a Heldrake in the list… after my scathing rant about the model! I am still not a big fan now that I have seen more of it, however, it is good on paper and I have seen some great illustrations of it in the codex and like the concept of it. I decided that the only way I can get around my dislike of it is to get the model and turn it into something I think is cool. We will see how this goes. I'm also hoping that Nurgling it up will make it better (imo).

It was a few hours later that I realised I still had the Chaos Lord from the Dark Vengeance box set so, rather than buy a Terminator Lord, I could Nurgle this guy up and use him something like this…

Chaos Lord
Mark of Nurgle, Sigil of Corruption, Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol

…or do I use him as a Sorceror? So many choices!!


  1. "Chaos Lord
    Mark of Nurgle, Sigil of Corruption, Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol

    …or do I use him as a Sorceror? So many choices!!"

    No to the sorcerer as a MoN Lord makes your plague marines troops while the Sorcerer does not. The sorcerer means you have 2 cultist units as your ONLY troops.

    Otherwise I like the list. Some good variety to take on many situations but also containing a solid core.

    1. Yes, I remember now that there was a reason I didn't go down that route. Thanks for the reminder. The only real issue I see with the list is mobility.

  2. Some things I've noticed from my first few games:

    Terinators are way more durable and common now, and you need a unit to get rid of them. 2 Oblits may not be enough, especially as they can only fire plasma cannons every other turn. Lightning claws don't do the job either, a mixture of claws and power axes in a unit is better. Axe and claw would be better on a Lord, though I can't remember if this is a legal option (Huron has it though).

    Big blocks of infantry are better now too, a single unit of 20 cultists may be better than 2 units of 10. Two units of 20 better still!

    A power sword on a Nurgle Champ is pointless as he is striking after Marines anyway so you may as well give him an axe and get AP2 and the strength bonus.

    Bikes are way better, good and cheap enough to justify a unit of 7.

    1. Ahhhhh!

      Hadn't noticed the I3 stat on the Plague Marines. I take your point regarding the power weapons.

      I have enough bits for 16 bikes so a larger unit is definitely an option.

  3. Oh and one last thought, Havocs, especially Autocannon ones, are way cheaper now and may be a better choice than a forgefiend, especially in a list with no other vehicles (that Forgefiend will be dead turn 1 with your opponents entire anti tank turned on it).

    Havocs with lascannons are now the same price ML havocs were last time, I plan on a unit with autocannons and a unit with lascannons. Maybe even a HB havoc squad too at higher points.

    1. I do like the look of Havocs. Their price is so low right now that Asda/Walmart must be jealous. Only problem is it would involve buying more stuff which I'm trying to avoid.

  4. I'm sorry but my knowledge isn't good enough, I know the models but not their strengths and weaknesses but it sounds good.