13 June 2014

The New 40k Project…

As regular readers will know, new projects come and go on a weekly basis in my hobby time. None of them are ever off the table, until they're truly off the table and in the bin or on Ebay.

I was very cynical about the new 40k release – I still am if I'm honest – but with big Ork releases on the way it was a great opportunity for Bull to dust off his greenskins and have more fun with the Waaaagh! I needed to offer him a challenge. I have my Chaos forces in boxes (many unfinished) but we did that when the last 40k was released. It was time for something new.

I was going to finally get stuck in with my long-term Dark Templar marines (which haven't actually been started properly yet) but that seemed like a massive ask – I needed something quick and easy. After my experiences with the Nurgle Blood Bowl team – how quick and easy that was painted – I felt that this was the way to go. I needed a coloured undercoat, a quick colour wash, maybe a highlight or two, then finish off the details. I needed a proper production line approach to painting the new army.

I spent days going over the space marine chapter options versus the colour sprays available. It was a very difficult decision but eventually I went with Imperial Fists – bright yellow armour… I must be mad!

I managed to construct two full Tactical squads from the random sprues I had in the garage, leftover from previous armies. I also found a brand new Rhino and a Dreadnought (which will need some attention). It was now that my attention turned to Ebay.

First on the list was Captain Lysander – a bargain at £5 (albeit it appears to be a dodgy resin knock off) – followed by some additional Rocket Launchers for a Devastator unit. I did toy with the idea of going with some second-hand Terminators to accompany the Captain, but the quality vs final price on Ebay just didn't work for me. On a whim I decided to do the complete opposite!

GW have been doing a army box set comprising almost entirely of Terminators, so I jumped in with two feet. I now have more models than I can shake a stick at. A couple will find their way back onto Ebay to help recoup some of the outlay, but the next few weeks will see a production line not seen since my Bezerker tournament army days.

However, I decided to throw myself a little curve ball. I bought some of the GW sculpted shoulder pads and will attempt to amend then replicate them en masse. This will form a trial run for my Dark Templar marines, for when they finally see the light of day. There's been a lot of theory crafting in this respect since the days of casting my own resin bases. Plus the cost and quality of the official GW resins pads are so prohibitive to use across the army that I needed an alternative solution.

So, let the building commence!

I've got a test model ready for the yellow spray and in the meantime am building as much of the army as I can.

More soon…


  1. Sounds good. Its nice to switch between stuff keeps your hobby mojo going rather than something stalling a project and it being the only one you do. Its then harder to pick up where you left.

    Good luck with replicating the pads shall look forward to seeing an update.

    1. Had a go at the pads over the weekend - update soon.

  2. was watching this video by GW
    Quick painting yellow using a wash and glaze definitely seems like a plan.

    1. Ooh thanks, might have to investigate this more.

  3. Oh my goodness me! Buckle up everyone, we're off on another rollercoaster ride - I blame the heat personally! ;)

  4. Mad, mad, mad. Yellow is just the most painful colour!!! But I'm sure you will do it proud. Now you know what my garage is like so if there is anything that you think you are outstanding just shout. I am nearly bound to have it.

    Good luck my friend and I look forward to getting some blood out of those 'yellow bellies'!

    1. I know, yellow is insane. However, I used to hate painting red until I did the Blood Angels and got my recipe fine tuned – hoping this has the same effect.