25 June 2014

More Imperial Fist Armour Tests

I've managed to get a bit more time this week trying out different recipes for yellow armour.

This time I picked up Averland Sunset, a base paint from GW that they use in their current tutorials. I have to say, even over the bare plastic it produced a lovely solid colour in just a couple of layers. This could be where we need to be!

It is a very orange colour – as you can see above – so definitely a starting point for Imperial Fists, not a final solution. However, it provides a solid flat colour which was the point of the exercise.

I was so impressed with the result that I went back and re-painted the previous three test models in Averland Sunset!

This weekend I intend to pick up some more of GW's yellow paint, inks and glazes. Then I can take this trial to the next stage and make some decisions about a final armour colour. I need to hurry up as I'm filling up my painting tray with unpainted Terminators!

More soon…


  1. Averland Sunset is my go to for bad moonz orks. You can easily adjust it with devlan mud, and the various glazes to get the exact tonal result you want!

    The only disadvantage is it is not a one pass paint. You usually have to do a few thin coats to get total coverage...which is an issue if you are painting something large.

  2. For all the negative press GW do produce some quality products. I do hope you have something 'big' up your sleeve to match Bull's Gorkanaut?

    1. GW are great, except where rules are concerned.
      Not sure I have something quite as big as Bull's Gorkanaut or Stompa, not without buying lots of Forgeworld resin kits at great expense. There will, however, be some new plastic kits – some I've never built before!

  3. I am liking the result of this test. Good luck with it.