17 June 2014

Imperial Fists – Resin Test 1

I had decided to try replicating the sculpted shoulder pads for my Imperial Fists. The image above shows the official GW pads, after a lot of cleaning up – they were a mess when they arrived, not finished at all. I know from my experiences with the resin bases that without some kind of vacuum chamber bubbles will be an issue. However, as long as they're not too bad they can be written off as battle damage.

Eventually I found my resin gear amongst the boxes still piled high in the garage. I had stuck the pads on a bit of plastic sprue to help the flow and created my silicone mold. The materials I have are quite old now so I wasn't expecting great results if I'm honest.

The mold was left overnight to cure, then the tricky task of digging out the original pads without damaging the silicone began. At times like these my patience goes out of the window as my excitement takes over. Despite this, I got the pads out unscathed.

Next I mixed up (way too much) resin and started to inject it carefully into the mold. A couple of hours later (just to be sure) it was ready and I released my shiny new white pads to inspect the results.

One had a large bubble all but destroying the icon. The other three looked pretty good and I cleaned then up with a knife and file. Alas, in my enthusiasm I broke one, but I still had two which looked pretty good.

The real test will come once they are painted but they'll do for now.

More soon…


  1. Very cool.. looking forward to the painted results!

  2. You just love to test yourself - well done!

  3. Nice, I may have to take heavy inspiration from this, it's got to be better than push moulding each pad if my patience will hold waiting for resin to cure!