27 June 2014

New Addition…

As a distraction from all the yellow paint, I decided to get on with one of the bigger models from my latest 40k investment.

The Stormraven Gunship is a model that I've never built before and one that I've liked the look of for a while. It's comparable to the Land Raider in many ways… except it's a flyer.

It's taken a couple of evening to get to this point. It is finally recognisable not it has its wings but without any guns or turrets it's still a little toothless. At the moment the model is very back heavy, causing it to lean back. Once the model is complete I will see is this is still the case and may have to jury rig something to add more weight to the front.

I'm still undecided on whether I should glue the front ramp shut or not. I've no intention of painting the interior so having it open seems a little pointless, and leaves the possibility of it breaking off.

I'm also hoping to have some of the weapons interchangeable, but I'm not going to sink lots of time into this. I need to get models painted so it's more important models are built rather than versatile for the moment.

I'm hoping to paint the pilots separately from the main model but again, we will see what time allows. I'm hoping to finalise my yellow armour recipe this weekend, then the mass production can begin!

More soon…


  1. Very nice! I knew it wouldn't be long before we saw some larger pieces of kit.

  2. Now you are falling into the trap of getting distracted. You need to paint up your first squad of marines and then allow yourself the luxury of playing with something big and bright ;-)