10 October 2011

Building Avatar Sonnia Criid: part 3

Read Part 2a here

I spent some time adding greenstuff…well, pretty much everywhere to be honest. The various pieces of the dragon were out by up to 2mm in some places so a lot of attention had to be paid to this. I also added greenstuff to Sonnia's shoulders, now her arms were on the right way!

I was struggling to find a satisfactory place to pin Sonnia so I tried a different tack. I removed the "cigar" pin I'd previously added to her mouth (slightly squashing her nose in the process – a trip to the plastic surgeon is now on the cards!) and simply tried to find a solid angle to pin her to the dragon's neck – I would worry about the fire spout later else I would never finish this model.

Looking at my reference image from the previous post I concluded that the only place that could hold a decent pin was the back of her head as it was snug against the dragon's neck. This was added and her ladyship was finally glued in place! I had trimmed a little off the dragon's chin to accommodate Sonnia's hand, and I added a little superglue here too.

I trimmed more of the fire spout away and drilled a hole in anticipation of the next – final – stage.

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  1. Wow I am really liking this. I can't wait to see how the final look of her and the fire spout turn out.

  2. I'm really pleased you're enjoying it. Excellent.

    It has been quite a trial compared to most other miniatures I've built but hopefully my experiences will help other people build it more easily.

    At this point it does feel like I'm in the home straight a little!

  3. This a labour of love, I may have buried the model in a wall by this stage, very good patient work sir.

  4. Haha, if you had witnessed the various outbursts throughout this project so far (like my poor wife) 'patient' may not be a word you'd choose.

    I think 'stubborn' would be more appropriate – I refuse to let this model beat me, and it will look awesome when it's painted up.

    I just hope she plays well in-game else you may see it on Ebay rather soon!

  5. I love the avatar versions of Malifaux models. The sculptors managed to go over the top with creativity without making them look tacky. Really great stuff an I'll be following your progress on this onw with keen interest. I've also recently started working on my first Malifaux mins ;)

  6. Good luck with your Malifaux mini Viruk and thanks for visiting!