22 October 2011

Building Avatar Kirai: part 2

Post number 150 on the-dark-templar blog continues the Avatar Kirai build.

Read Part 1 here

I drilled pin holes, and fitted pins, into the shoudlers of the monster, filling the excess to ensure it was a solid fit (above). I had also started to fill in the gaps where the monster and Kirai parts met – help give the illusion that the monster is coming out of Kirai.

I finished off grinding off the sleeve hems and drilled pin holes in the arms ready to attach. The pin was slightly out on one side so the monster's left arm was a little low. I added some additional greenstuff when I filled in the gaps and everything looked good.

I also drilled a pin hole and fitted a pin to Kirai's outstretched hand. Given the (relatively) tiny scale of the arm I had to be careful.

I attached her arm and started to add more greenstuff around the base of the monster. At this stage – aside for some greenstuff on Kirai's arm – the model istelf is complete.

The only thing left to do is attached the model to my custom Bamboo base and add details. As I've mentioned previously, I will be casting up the 50mm Bamboo master (once complete) not only to make it available as part of my Malcontent project but also to give a more solid base on which to pin this model, just like my Avatar Sonnia.


  1. Looking good - what are the gaps like on Malifaux minis? Does it need the proper greenstuff, or would the new liquid stuff from GW do the trick?

  2. The bulk of the gaps are small but you get the odd one – such as the join between the monster and Kirai – that really needs attention. No worse than GW minis.

    Sonnia Avatar was much worse but I'm convinced that is because it was made up of both resin and metal, hence the joins were slightly mismatched.