06 October 2011

Building Avatar Sonnia Criid: part 2a

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I know I said in the last post that, regarding Sonnia's arms being the wrong way round, "I don't think it really matters in this instance", but that wasn't true. I have a perfectionist streak in me and the whole arm situation was bugging me all of yesterday and last night. This morning I decided to do something about it before I left for work.

After double-checking my reference image (above) I re-positioned the arms to match.

As you can see the fit is now much better – which makes sense – and the model does sit better against the dragon. It means I can pin Sonnia against the resin neck of the dragon, which will ensure she is as secure as she can be.

There is a definitive guide for anyone building this in the future and coming across the same arm-related confusion – Coat cuffs pointing up and thumbs pointing down!

Being the perfectionist, I was quite annoyed at myself for taking three attempts to get this right – how hard can it be to stick arms on a model?! However, in my defence I have to say without a visual reference it was not very straightforward. Bottom line is it is now correct, I can chill out and carry on with the rest of the build.

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  1. Haha, hate that feeling when it's not *quite* right. Impossible to leave it alone.

  2. Exactly! I would never have been happy with the model – even after painting – had I not gone back to correct it, and it would have just bugged me forever, haha!

  3. This model certainly looks more advanced than the average but when finished I am sure it will be stunning!

    I can't wait to see the painted model here.

  4. I am currently painting the original Sonnia model and can't wait to paint this. I haven't had a lot of experience painting fire but am looking forward to it.

    There will be lots of photos on the blog, both complete and mid-paint.