01 May 2014

Crusaders On Foot

I had been looking for these at Salute but couldn't get them so placed my order with Perry Miniatures as soon as I got home.

The models themselves are pretty good; minor mould lines but a fair amount of flash in enclosed spaces (armpits and gaps between sword and body). I haven't worked a lot in metal recently so it was something of a nostalgic treat to have an afternoon of cleaning and filing metal figures.

In order to limit the number of sets I had to buy, a conversion or two was required – trading spears for swords. I also stuck the shields on straight away (which I know some of you will consider heresy).

The bases got similar treatment to the Forest Rangers. I added green stuff to hide the slot in the base and add a bit of texture on the surface. I then doused the base in red oxide paste – I'm really liking this stuff.

I do have a few more of these to build, but I need to do some more serious converting to get them where I need them to be – some of these soldiers are far too casually dressed.

Taking advantage of some lovely weather this week, I got both these models and the rangers undercoated – I supplemented a black spray with a brush of Army Painter Matt Black, which is amazing and covers a multitude of sins in one coat.

Timely spraying indeed as the weather is somewhat wet today so I decided to –wait for it – get the paints out and pick up a brush.

Needless to say not a lot got done before 9am, but at least we have the beginnings of colour (even if I did spend a day trying to cover up the bare metal, only to paint metal colour over the top!).

It will be very tempting to push these guys to one side in favour of the character models on the painting table, but I must resist.

I have booked in a hobby day on Saturday – praise Bank Holiday weekends! – so will hopefully have some progress to show next week. I may even dig out my gaming board if I'm feeling brave…


  1. Splendid, just as a matter of interest have you seen the Fireforge crusader range?

    1. Yes I did look at them, but these models were more in keeping with the theme ;)