03 May 2014

Paint Table Saturday: 3rd May

This is my first Paint Table Saturday contribution, which is really rather sad. For someone who prides himself on nicely painted models, I haven't painted anything in what seems forever. In reality I did paint some Nurgle Blood Bowl a few weeks ago, but nothing quite as dedicated as this.

So here is my makeshift painting table – trying not to spill paint on my keyboard. I've got a handful of models from my new side project currently being looked at. You will have already seen the initial progress on both the Forest Rangers and the Crusaders on Foot – now we actually have some colour!

The first couple of Crusaders have now had some more colour added from my previous post. I used my lovely P3 Coal Black, mixed with Army Painter Matt Black as the basis for the clothes, helmets and shield. This has a couple of crude highlights by adding Grey to the mix. Their skin had my classic GW treatment – basecoat of Vermin Brown followed by a couple of highlights adding Bleached Bone to the mix. A final highlight of pure BB finished it off. It still needs a wash to blend it all together but not too shabby so far. Leggings have had a basecoat of P3 Cryx Bane Base – a lovely green/grey – but that's about it.

The first couple of Rangers have had a remarkable amount of attention so far on their cloaks alone. I've had real fun getting my mojo back with several layers of very thin paint, followed by a wash to knock things back and start the process again.

I started with a Loren Forest/Matt Black mix, followed by a few thin layers of pure Loren Forest. A wash of Athonian Camoshade later, I went back to the Loren Forest before moving on to Army Painter's Army Green as highlights.

Happy with these first two 'test' cloaks I moved on to something a little different. This mysterious maiden is having the similar treatment to the Rangers, but I'm trying to be a lot more subtle with my highlights. At the moment I'm about halfway – it looks good to the naked eye but doesn't show up so well on the phone camera.

I've also dug out my gaming board from the attic – who knows what madness may ensue this afternoon!

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  1. That's very nice work on the cloaks Mike.

  2. Very nice my good man, loving the cloak work. I see you too are a fan of the Gu chocolate puddings! :)

    1. Good spot sir. They do make excellent containers for water and pva.

  3. Very nice looking figures so far. Love the Ranger figs