21 May 2014

Blood Bowl Team Developments

After the weekend's win against the South Coast Saurus, my Dark Elves – the Darkblades – are looking in pretty rosy shape.

Our damaged hero Adin Heartrender returns after his trauma against Bull's Skaven. He's lost a point of movement which, as my leading scorer, is a bitter blow and may ultimately see him retire prematurely. However, in his absence other members of the team have stepped up and have a similar SPP count.

Number 10, Torel Dragonclaw, stood up to be counted in the game against the Skaven just after Heartrender's injury and had an awesome second half. He didn't have quite the same impact in the Saurus game, although his Guard skill did make him a pain in the backside for the dinos, and cause him to be a bit of a target.

I also managed to get some points on number 8 Blitzer, Kirzir Deathreaver. With MVP, he now has a new skill, completing the initial upgrade of all my Blitzers. They feel a bit more solid now. Heartrender's injury is a concern, but with a move of 6 he's still reasonably mobile, just not likely to be scoring as much I think.

I think the surprise in the roster is number 3 Lineman, Atal Starslayer. With two touchdowns and a casualty he's close to his second skill. Block was invaluable against the Saurus on at least a couple of occasions, so a second will make him rather invaluable.

The biggest buzz for me was finally getting my Runner a few genuine points instead of cheeky single point passes. Rakiri Razorwing managed to get her touchdown (running the length of the pitch almost) and also managed to get a casualty which was a bonus. She also managed to roll 10 for her skills and got a Move bonus. At move 8 she is now on a par with those pesky Skaven Gutter Runners.

Looking at the roster, and to the next game, we have quite a few changes. As well as being back to full Blitzer numbers and a speedy Runner, we have a new addition. I had been saving my money for a couple of games now and have managed to finally purchase a Witch Elf. This opens up a whole new angle for the team, and learning curve for me. As a consequence my team value has ballooned a little but I'm still a good 100k behind the Orks. I will also only have a single journeyman next game – I still didn't make it through the Saurus game without losing a player to injury!

The league is unchanged after the weekend's result. The Darkblades have a few more points, but league positions stay the same.

Roll on Michael's next game against the untested Pro Elves!


  1. I don't like the idea of those pesky elves getting any faster! Interesting development though. After much deliberation, I opted for mighty blow for the Saurus, looking to dent some armour on the scrimmage line! An extra re-roll and apothecary will also be travelling with me now.

    1. Sound like some solid choices you have there now!

  2. MV is tough to ignore, but I always choose pass for my runners as first skill. It is the only way to ever reroll a dump off which is going to be a 3+ at minimum.

    1. Dump Off! I totally forgot about that during the Saurus game. I could have used that on a couple of occasions!

  3. Just remember it's in your opponents turn so you may not use a team reroll.