30 April 2014

Last Few Hours For Aetherium Kickstarter

It's been quite a journey so far for Aetherium and the guys at Anvil Eight Games.

Their Aetherium Kickstarter finishes in the early hours so if you've got an itching to get some of these lovely models, or the full game itself, your time is limited.

As you may know, my involvement started nearly 9 months ago with the visualisation of the game itself, creating a logo and branding style, as well as all the game components. Thanks to the wonderful artists involved this was a dream job.

The Kickstarter has given me some respite from the long hours involved in producing a project of this scale. But now things are coming to a close, pledgers will be wanting their goodies and that means getting everything polished and ready for the printers.

There will no doubt be changes to the rulebook, with rumours there will be even more pages added so that stories can be fleshed out and rules explained as comprehensively as possible. This should make the game even easier to understand and play.

Of course we also have to finalise the rules and visuals for the third faction – House Ikaru. They have not really featured up to this point for me, but they made such an impact with Kickstarter viewers that we need to press ahead and get them a faction logo and some cards.

All good stuff and very exciting, especially if you've pledged. Delivery date is estimated at November this year so not long to wait.

Have a look at the Kickstarter page; there's lots of web links, videos to be seen and podcasts to listen to. This really is a unique game at a time where such things are rare or the big guns are getting greedy with re-releases and price hikes.

Have a look – I dare you!

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  1. I'm afraid I will have to resist this one - I'll play yours instead! :)