24 April 2014

Anvil Eight Introduce Ninja Borg…

Always ready with another update, the guys at Anvil Eight Games revealed more of their third faction for Aetherium – House Ikaru.

Currently only available as stretch goals on their Kickstarter at $400 and $2000 pledge levels, these new sculpts seem to be causing something of a stir.

I have been lucky enough to see other models from this faction and can confirm that they follow the style, quality and "shiny-ness" of these.

Who doesn't like the idea of Ninja Borg on the tabletop?… and with an Avatar that is a cross between a Ninja Borg Queen and Daenerys Targaryen, well… it's like Chrismas all over again!


  1. It's really taking off and getting exciting now. I do like Ikarus, very cool model.

    1. Ikarus is like Ironman with wings! Clearly a Red Bull drinker.

  2. Now what's not to like there? Very tasty indeed.