10 April 2014


Yes folks, that's right – Free Miniatures at Salute indeed!

After their successful demos at Adepticon last weekend, the guys from Anvil Eight Games have sent me a box full of Aetherium miniatures to give away at Salute 2014 on Saturday.

So how do I get hold of one of these FREE AETHERIUM MINIATURES?!!

Myself and Bull will be wandering around Salute, wearing (rather oversized) Aetherium/Anvil Eight T-shirts like the one above. If you spot one of us, simply come over and ask – nicely – for your free miniature.

There are 50 miniatures available on the day, no more than 1 per person and it's strictly first come first served – once they're gone, they're gone!

Also, please wait till we're inside the hall – I don't fancy getting mugged while I'm queuing up outside, having some lunch or (god forbid) in the bathroom!

The models are unpainted and you'll have to find a suitable base for them – but we'll all be at Salute so that shouldn't be a problem!

A note to remember – these are prototype resin casts, so are likely to still have a fair amount of release agent on them. You will need to wash them thoroughly in warm soapy water, else your paint won't stick!

But what do they look like?

It's a total random collection, and the one you get will be chosen randomly out of the bag – you don't get to choose, sorry. The models shown just below are probably the most common ones available.

Gimme more!

If you want to see more of the amazing Aetherium miniatures that will be available later this year, have a look at the Aetherium Kickstarter campaign.

You can see more about the game and my experiences working on it here.

And finally, if you want to see some of the graphics I created for the project, including the Adepticon exhibition banners and pages from the rulebook, have a look at my Facebook page – and don't forget to Like!


  1. Hope I bump into you early then. All the best mate.

  2. Glad it's been so successful for you guys so far :)

  3. Right then, what time are you getting there?

  4. Oooo coool! Looking forward to finding you then and saying hey at the very least! If you see a guy with a large wooden box, and wearing a Massive Voodoo shirt that would be me! Cheers and good luck!

  5. Glorious. Good weekend!

  6. I think you're hiding! If you see a guy in a Jayne hat and d20 shirt, that's me!

  7. Hey, I never heard back about still being able to blag a freebie, are you at Geek today?