25 April 2014

Saxon Hovel Kit

Whilst at Awdry Towers last weekend for our game of Blood Bowl, Michael showed me some of his 4Ground buildings that he had picked up at Salute the previous week.

I have to say that I'm not normally taken by the laser cut MDF terrain that's all the rage at the moment (just doesn't look real enough for me) but the saxon hovel that he had, made me take a closer look. No sooner had I returned home than I was straight online ordering one for myself.

It arrived next day and in thirty minutes it was built – albeit the thatched roof looked like something from the Muppets. However, I maintained restraint and followed the instructions, allowing 24 hours to pass before caking the fluff in watered-down glue.

Again, it took another 24 hours to dry properly, but not one to be that patient I set to adding the first of my bonus bits – magnets!

I think the kit is great, but I wanted the roof to stay in place a little more securely than it does. I drilled holes in the top of the double-width walls (no probs). When it came to the roof I had to add an extra bit of ply from the sprue to make the walls wider.

It didn't take too long to dry and get all four magnets in place (and the right way round!).

Inspired by An Evil Giraffe blog and what he managed to achieve with the same kit, I intend to add some balsa wood to the walls to make them a little more three dimensional before I start painting. It will be perfect for my new side project – I just need to build a few more to make a village!


  1. Laser cut works more for sci-fi IMO, it's to precise looking for fantasy/historic. I love the that that thatch stuff, esp how it looks when you first put it one! But the end result is really good and effective!

    1. I'd have quite liked something in between for the thatch look myself

  2. I still think you should have left it as it was. :D The magnets are a clever addition though, might have to look into that.

    1. Looking forward to seeing how the extra balsa wood enhances it