14 August 2012

A Tale of 3 Painters… Week 2 Summary

As we reach the halfway stage in our month-long project things are looking very good.

The Hunter

Michael has stepped well and truly out of his comfort zone and done a fantastic job on The Hunter. He has used different metallics on alternate armour plates to create a striped effect along the machine's back. The idea of The Hunter being a stalker from the shadows has been nailed completely by the paint job. Yet, by introducing red shoulder plates and adding autumn leaves to the base Michael has managed to inject some real colour into the model and link it with the rest of the crew. I think he has done an amazing job and hopefully proved to himself that he can tackle any miniature, regardless of genre. I look forward to seeing the completed Ryle.

The Watcher

Ever the perfectionist, Andy has made great progress, adding his trademark Charadon Granite recipe to Hoffman's trousers – superb! He's also added a lot of colour to The Watcher, with a great contrast between the metallic elements and the leathery wings. He may have been given two of the smallest models in the crew but this was not an easy challenge. I'm very excited to see these two models finished.

The Guardian

I got back up to speed this week with The Guardian, the bulk of him complete now. I'm rather pleased with how he's turning out after a slow start. The rest of this week will be taken up fixing the damaged parts of the Mechanical Attendant so he can see some paint at the weekend.

In addition to the painting, KR Multicase joined our growing list of supporters and have been very generous in their contribution to the final auction pot. A big, big thank you to them.

As you can see, we're starting to see real progress now and are in a position to visualise how the different members of the crew are going to look together. Very exciting times – I'm quite jealous of the auction winner already… whomever that may be!


As much as we are enjoying this project, it is for charity. If you enjoy reading about our progress please donate towards our final total – even if it's only £1 – via the donate button at the top of the page or on the Cancer Research UK website directly.

What's A Tale of 3 Painters all about?

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  1. Very cool progress.. and some great paint jobs coming out of this. Can't wait to see the group together and how they fair as a group.

    1. I think we've all managed to raise our game with this project.

  2. Great work from all three of you. Thanks for directing me to a couple other great blogs.

    All for a charrideee too. Hope you raise a pile of cash.

    1. Fingers crossed we manage to raise a decent amount of money.