07 August 2012

A Tale of 3 Painters… Getting Wyrd

I am happy to announce that I've had confirmation this week from Nathan at Wyrd Miniatures – creators of Malifaux – that they will be supporting our painting project with a contribution to the final auction. That is superb news and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nathan for his time, especially at the moment.

The guys are currently in the middle of preparing for their busiest time of the year – GenCon 2012 and the launch of Malifaux book 4 "Storm of Shadows", along with a whole new range of plastic miniatures.

I would also like to thank Bill at the Gamers Lounge who did a shout out for us in a special events episode of the podcast. The Gamers Lounge is a must-listen-to podcast for any would-be Malifaux gamer, especially if you enjoy the tournaments.

The Joey Berry did a shout of for us on her latest episode of Joeyfaux and mentioned our game on 3rd September. A big thank you to Joey for that.

More news soon…

Don't forget to keep up with updates from the other intrepid painters Andy from Lair of the Breviks and Michael from 28mm Victorian Warfare!!

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