06 August 2012

A Tale of 3 Painters… Let There Be Paint

Just as my excitement to get this project started was hitting fever pitch last week… disaster… I managed to pick up tonsillitis!

My first thought was that this would give me extra time away from work to paint – err, no. I was absolutely floored for two days and even going into the new week I'm not 100%. However, never one to let something as insignificant as illness get in the way of miniature painting I did manage to get a few hours under my belt on Saturday.

Whilst not on top form I laid some of the ground work on The Guardian. I started with the metal parts, using Vallejo Oily Steel as the basecoat for the majority of the parts, with Vallejo Brass employed for the back panel and sword hilt.

I decided to try out something that has been sitting on my desk for ages and, OMG – what a revelation… Vallejo Matt Medium, when mixed with metallic paint, produces a superb finish. No longer does the metal look shiny, cheap and nasty. The matt finish gives it a more elegant feel. I can't quite believe I hadn't tried this sooner.

Backpack/armour colour combination reminds me of The Rocketeer!

Not content with getting the metal to a good point I wanted to get a couple of layers of my armour colour down before Monday. I have been undecided since the project began as to the colour to use for the Guardian's armour plates. In the end I decided to go with the Guild red I'd specified in the original brief.

After several test of different red colours on a piece of card I decided to stick with my tried and trusted Blood Angel armour recipe. It's a little brighter than I wanted but could be pulled around to suit. My main worry was that it was going to be too much, very 'in your face' but ploughed on anyway. I put down several layers, building up from pure black to a 90:10 red black mix. By this time my concentration was starting to go and I was making mistakes, so I washed what I had done in GW Baal Red and left it to dry.

Looking at the model as it stands the red is quite overpowering so I will give it a day or so to sink in before going back to it. The red is definitely too orange at the moment. I may change the colour of the shield to compensate or may just try and pull it back with the shading and battle damage – if any of our models can get away with looking truly battered it's this guy!

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What's A Tale of 3 Painters all about?

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  1. Oh I say, that is coming along splendidly; Vallejo Matt Medium now added to the 'must have' list! ;)

    1. Forgot to add, glad to hear you're over the worst of the tonsillitis, never a good thing.

  2. He looks good! I like the red- looks weathered. Almost looks like a medieval iron man automaton. Pretty cool mini

  3. That is a nice start there, and I am digging the red armor.

  4. Glad your better. A great start looks suitably worn

  5. Thanks guys. Yes, the illness is pretty much done.

    Yes, the matt medium is amazing, going to be a must with all metallic and ink work going forward.

    @Laughing Ferret
    I like the medieval Ironman idea

    @M R Lee
    The armour had another couple of layers of red and brown wash and now the real painting begins

    This week should see some battle damage added