01 July 2014

40k: How To Paint Yellow… part 2

So last time I explained the early steps in my recipe for painting yellow… more specifically Imperial Fist marines.

We finished last time with our model as above: Primed white, basecoat Averland Sunset, then highlighted by adding White to the base colour. I apologise for the pic above – not clever photographing yellow marines under a yellow light!

Once you're happy with your highlights, crack open the Lamenters Yellow glaze from GW. It's like a watered down ink and colours everything in a glorious yellow tone. Easy. For sheer speed this is probably good enough for your rank and file models.

You may decide to add a second glaze layer, or maybe you want to spend a little more time defining the armour. It's me, so I decided to push things a little further!

Next I took some GW Casandora Yellow shade. It's an orange/yellow colour and can make the miniature look very orange if over used. I applied it sparingly in the shadows and corners to add some depth. I then overlaid this with some more Lamenters Yellow to soften the edges.

With that done I just wanted a final shadow and highlight. I watered down some GW Skrag Brown and used a very fine brush to add thin lines in the recesses and to define joins in the armour. I then took White and added a tiny amount of Lamenters Yellow or Averland Sunset to make it more of an off-white. This was then applied to the raised edges, sparingly as a final highlight.

And that's it. The photos do look a little on the orange side (the models are not quite that orange in reality) but the colours used allow you a lot of flexibility. As I paint more and more of this yellow recipe I expect to get into a rhythm and the look will be a lot more consistent.

More examples of the yellow paint scheme coming up… including a vehicle perhaps!


  1. Great tut on working with yellow. Really works here ( even under yellow lights and on a yellow ish counter ;) ). Nice quick work here!

    1. Thank you sir!
      Hopefully I'll have some better examples soon.

  2. That is really coming along well. It will make a world of difference once you have picked out a few details. Great job.

    1. I find painting 3 models at a time is perfect. Not too many, not too few. Will have my first Tactical squad finished soon!

  3. Awesome. First imperial fist tutorial I've seen that's quick and easy, and looks amazing without having to use an airbrush. Well done.

    Can't wait until betrayal at calth comes out to start a fists legion.