Friday, 25 July 2014

Alternative Zombicide Survivors…

In my quest to find more alternative Zombicide survivors I've 'discovered' some great selections of minis that I previously wasn't aware of. As it's a glorious Friday afternoon I thought I'd share some of my favourites…

Rogue Miniatures:

John McClane

Léon and Mathilda

Travis Bickle

Tony Montana

Dillon, Poncho, Dutch, Mac, Blain, Hawkins and Billy

John McClane again

Snake Plissken

Alternative Snake


Crockett and Tubbs

Faceman, B.A., Hannibal and Murdock


  1. Of course with a bit of luck, you should be getting Léon and Tony with your pledge and Mr T is available as an add on!

  2. Oh you have only just begun to see the alternatives check out these links:



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