30 July 2014

40k: The Sakar Prime Offensive

The Iron Warriors overseeing the defence of Sakar Prime know their surroundings and how to defend them. The Orks only have one real option if they want to take the planet and capture the mining facilities currently in the hands of the Chaos forces.

Game 1: Orbital Communications
The opening game of our mini-campaign will be a 1500pts battle. We will be rolling for missions on the day but the communications dish will form a large part of the Ork objectives.

Game 2: Citadel Forge
This second game will increase points allowance to 2500pts, meaning we can start to bring out some of the big guns. The outcome of Game 1 will have an influence here – an Ork win in Game 1 will mean they have an easier time of things.

Game 3: Industrial Complex
Our final game in this opening chapter will be a 4000pts game – expect to see some super heavies! Again, the Orks can make their lives easier by winning the early rounds, but either way it will come down to this massive battle. Can the Orks take the planet from the Iron Warriors?

To be continued…


  1. Hmm I'm interested in seeing how this goes.

  2. Orks actually have a battle plan? I just thought they turned up and broke things (Mostly Iron Warriors!) ;)

    1. They do start out with a plan, but it soon descends into Chaos. I think the greenskins will be bouncing off the Iron Warriors this time ;)