18 April 2013

Bombshell Kickstarter…

Patrick Keith, a rather well known and very talented sculptor, got a Kickstarter project going at the back end of last year to create a range of sexy minis. Naturally it caught my eye and I promptly contributed a token amount to reap my choice of three plus the Kickstarter limited ed mini.

Six months and a £15 customs bill later they have arrived.

Strangely, I ended up with 5 minis, including resin base inserts and a stack of postcards showing the entire range. As begrudged as I was to have to pay more to pick up my parcel, once the packet was opened I was very pleased with my investment.

I have to say that the detail on these models is amazing and the resin inserts are extremely crisp and defined. They will at some point be available to the public so keep your eyes open.

Whether these models will ever see paint whilst in my possession I cannot say. They may end up on Ebay in a couple of months, given away as birthday presents or even a blog competition in the future.

It does go to show how a well-devised and executed Kickstarter can produce some truly amazing end results.

Elsewhere, on the hobby table, the Nurgle biker got an undercoat as did a couple of Cryx Bonejacks. Should have an airbrush-related blog post featuring these models soon.

See you all after Salute… or at Salute!


  1. They do look nice. Shipping is getting to be a real bitch.

  2. I wanted to get in on this, but was broke at the time. Keith is a great sculptor and I have quite a few of his figures from Reaper.

    Looking forward to seeing you paint these Babes up!

  3. Brilliant and I thought I was easily distracted by lovely shiny things! That said they really do look lovely - only two more get ups until Salute!