10 April 2013

Warmachine Airbrush Test

I mentioned the other day that I had finally reclaimed my airbrush and compressor, dusted it all down and given it its first run out in over 20 years. Thought I should post a couple of pics.

As you can see I kept things simple, using it only to lay down some initial colour on the armour plates and get some highlights done. What it has allowed me to do is get some very smooth grads painted that would be near impossible with a brush (and my skill level). In addition it took less than an hour which meant I got a lot more done in the time available to me. I'm at least 60% done with this guy in an evening, which under normal conditions would have taken 2 or 3 evenings.

As I mentioned in my last post, I do need to refine my close control. Overspray became a problem when I went in to do the leg plates on this model, and highlights ended up being bigger than I intended.

I've got six small Cryx 'jacks, which would normally fill me with dread and sit on my tray for months. I'm quite confident that I can get them almost complete in a couple of evenings, which I could never contemplate previously.

The next test though will be on some terrain. I have the Chaos plastic temple which I am in the process of building. The airbrush will allow me to paint it very quickly and get highlights and details done in virtually one sitting.

To be continued…


  1. Looking great Sir, do you need to mix a simple tone and then build it up to strengthen the colour?

    1. I started with pure Black, then added more and more Cryx Base colour. Once I was as light as I could go I started adding Cryx Base Highlight. I washed the whole thing back with a Black wash, which was quite grubby in the end but knocked the whole thing back. I then picked up the brush as added detailed shadow and highlights.

      The final result is all a little crude (and I forgot to file off the mould lines which you will know is killing me), but I got a model painted that's been around for over a year and confirmed that the gear works fine. Just need more practice now!

  2. Looking great and great first results with the airbrush! I am sure that you will be back to your old control in no time and be blasting out armies left, right and center! Congrats!

    1. I'm relatively pleased with this first outing. However, I'm more encouraged that the airbrush will provide a practical advantage going forward, rather than using an airbrush simply for the sake of it.