11 April 2013

Cheap Malifaux Models…

We're coming to the end of my "Mikie needs spends for Salute" sale event on Ebay.

The majority of things up there are individual Malifaux models. There are also some Hordes bits as I clear the decks of the "really can't see these ever being painted" models. There's even the Joker's gang from the new Batman Miniatures game which I just don't have the time to look at, which is a shame.

I have hung on to a few bits (much to the wife's chagrin) that I was going to sell but am struggling to let go just yet.

All the miniatures went on at 99p, with the exception of the bigger stuff, but the way things are going you could pick up quite a bargain!

All auctions finish at the weekend.


  1. Best of luck with those, they do seem to be moving now; I was also tempted myself!