12 February 2013

Nurgle Army Update

This post is for all the new visitors I seem to have at the moment – welcome to the blog – and for those followers of Nurgle that don't fancy trawling through the back catalogue of blog posts.

This is your Nurgle index list!

I started the Nurgle army (properly) with the release of the Dark Vengeance box set and the journey has continued ever since.

Nurgle Forgefiend Conversion

Nurgle Heldrake Conversion

Typhus Conversion

Nurgle Biker Champion

After the latest outing of the Plague Marines I realised that I never got around to completing even one full unit of bods, so progress from now on will concentrate on the troops.


  1. Nice stuff mate, I particularly like you hell drake, it doesn't look as goofy when it's dedicated to nurgle as well as yours is.

    I clicked on the link in faiet212 and I haven't been disappointed.
    It's quite a boost to your visits when he does that isn't it lol.

    1. Cheers Sheep! Thanks for visiting!
      I've enjoyed this Nurgle army so far – I couldn't leave the Heldrake and Forgefiend as they were, it wouldn't be right. I'm contemplating other vehicles too but the Heldrake model hasn't been converted on the web much so mine is getting a lot of attention.

      Yes, the numbers have gone mental today which is great :)

  2. Great stuff here indeed... and also you really do need to focus on the troops a bit.. but only if you actually take them out instead of leaving them safe at home ;)

    1. Haha - I deserved that!
      Yes, the troops always get overshadowed by the shiny things so I'm going back to finish them properly.