30 January 2013

40k: For My Next Trick…

I've enjoyed my time altering vehicles for the glory of Nurgle. In fairness I haven't got a handle on the painting of them yet, but the converting has been on the money so far.

I've already converted a Forgefiend into something more gribbly. This has been the benchmark by which other projects will be compared. It has had a basic paint job to cover the grey but it needs a revisit.

The most recent addition to the Nurgle vehicle pool has been the Heldrake. This project was a real gamble – who in their right mind hacks up a perfectly good, brand new £40 model?!

Luckily, that has come through the rebirthing process with flying colours and is having painting attention lavished on it currently. Another update due before the weekend.

Not content with those two, it's time to look at the next project on the list. I was lucky enough to receive a Defiler kit for Christmas but, as I build him, I'm undecided whether to convert/paint him up as Nurgle, or save him for the Iron Warriors. In the meantime the converting machine must roll on.

I decided what was needed a few weeks back and was all set to purchase some shiny new gear. However, given I was going to give it a Heldrake-style makeover I thought I'd check Ebay for some bargains first.

Sure enough I found this bad boy and was lucky enough to bag it for just over half the cost of a new one. I picked it up from the Post Office yesterday and noticed a few things when I opened the package:
The Bolter had snapped off (no big deal); the Lascannon sponsons and assault ramp were fully articulated (awesome!); The Havoc launcher and Heavy Bolter were glued in place (hmmm). I concluded that this will make a great starting point for my new Nurgle Land Raider for Typhus and his Terminators.

The plan is to cut off the bits I don't want (spikes, icons, weapons). I also plan to take off the tank treads and replace with Forgeworld Chaos treads – can't be having any aquilla symbols on a Nurgle tank!

I will then follow the process that I used for the Heldrake – use my Dremel to texture the surface of the tank then add greenstuff elements. I will also sculpt Nurgle specific door symbols and add some fungus pipe vents, like on the Heldrake, in and around the exhausts.

I've never completed a fully painted Land Raider before, despite owning several in the past, so I'm looking forward to this.

But, before then – Heldrake painting update before the weekend!!