11 January 2013

Happy Birthday!!

I realised the other day that today is The Dark Templar blog's 3rd birthday!

315 posts and 90k+ hits later here we are.

It's quite frightening how time flies, and also how my hobby focus has changed over that time. In honour of the occasion I have linked a few of my first posts, for those of you who missed them.

Post 1 – The Beginning
Post 2 – Chapter 2
Post 3 – The Dark Templar…Mk I

Over the weekend I will be having a look at the X-Wing game I got for Christmas, plus the addition ships I've bought since!


  1. Now that feels like a trip down memory lane :-)

  2. 3 years? Congrats and happy b'day!!

  3. Happy Birthday indeed! Congrats on 3 yrs!

  4. Very many Happy returns Mike and wonderful milestone!

  5. Congrats man! Very Happy Birthday to your blog. Its been inspirational reading your posts. Many more to come!

  6. Well done sir! You've done a man's job! Here's to many, many more of the same, but better - and many thanks for the kind words, buddy - one graphic designer to another ;)