25 January 2013

Space Marine Borg Collective…

I stumbled across these guys whilst doing a random search on Google the other day. It is a superb Heresy era Iron Hands army by Sinzaren on Flickr.

I was immediately blown away by them, initially because they look like Borg from Star Trek (I think the background helps). I knew a lot of people who wanted to do a Necron Borg army when the plastics (and the Monolith) first came out, but this is far better than anything I've seen so far.

Looking closely at the models, the paint job is simple yet works very well. However, it is in a group that they look best… I'm going to just shut up and just give you some more photos. If you want to see them at a larger size – and more of them – I suggest going to see them at Sinzaren's Flickr page.

Whether you like the painting style or not, it is very effective and quite intimidating on the battlefield I imagine. It has a real sense of gravitas and menace that many of the brightly coloured marines you see just don't have. I also like the idea of Heresey era 10-man Devastator squads!!


  1. I may not play 40K anymore but I have to admit this was awesome man! LOL

  2. Very simple choice of colours but works really well. I love the dreadnoughts. The Heresy ones look much better IMO.

  3. Oh. Oh, my. That's... that's pretty awesome. I... yes.