17 July 2012

Nephilim Bolt Thrower

This is a great model to paint. There is almost every type of surface texture you can think of – skin, bone, cloth, leather, wood and metal. I thought it was going to be a 'quick win' but it is a deceptively detailed model and it was these details that took all of Sunday to complete.

The skin was painted in a similar scheme to the rest of my Legion models. I started with the VMC Sky blue over the black undercoat. This had an initial highlight of a Sky Blue/White mix before being washed in GW Asurmen Blue, paying particular attention to the recesses in the muscles. Sky Blue was used on some of the more shallow recesses before building up highlights to pure white. The tricky bit was trying to blend the black spikes on the secondary upper limbs (on his back) into Sky Blue/White. The result was ok if not super smooth. Straps and bindings followed the scheme established with the Everblight Shepherd.

Whether or not this guy will see much game time is debatable. He has some fantastic combat abilities – his Bolt Thrower is awesome – but he is expensive points-wise for what he brings to the table and there are arguably better options available.

Now that the Bolt Thrower is complete I'm moving on to clear more space on my table, starting with… another Nephilim, this time a Soldier.

This time I'm trying a slightly different approach to the skin. I started with a VMC Sky Blue/GW Mordian Blue mix which I left in the deep shadows when painting the pure Sky Blue second coat. This was washed with the Asurmen Blue and I have started to apply very thin Sky Blue/White highlights building them up slowly.

Without the extensive detail of his Bolt Throwing brethren I'm hoping this Soldier will be the 'quick win' I'm looking for.


  1. Great work, I like what you've done on the details (leather, straps, quiver etc.) Very well done.

    The Bolt thrower will go well in Lylyths theme list, if you use them.

    1. I really like this model and was fun to paint. Looking forward to using him with eLylyth and her feat.

  2. Looking really good sir, well done indeed!

  3. Marvellous job, he looks Eeeeevil. :)

  4. Thanks guys.

    Hope to have some more soon… but then there is that "other project".